Pro Bono Center Launch: The Federalist Society is pleased to announce the launch of its new online Pro Bono Center.

The Pro Bono Center is dedicated to matching the talents, energies, interests and ideals of The Federalist Society's membership - a rich pool of talent for pro bono work - to appropriate volunteer service opportunities.

The center came into being in large part because public interest firms have indicated that they receive far more opportunities for high quality and important pro bono work than they can take on. The Federalist Society's 2001 study of Pro Bono at AmLaw 100 firms also suggests there is a real need for new and expanded opportunities for pro bono service in fields that have traditionally been underrepresented (or not represented at all) in large law firm programs.

According to Peggy Little, the Center's Director, "the Pro Bono Center offers public interest firms a unique and exciting opportunity to provide the Society's lawyers with information about opportunities for pro bono service in the cause of individual liberty, traditional values, limited government, and the rule of law."

In addition to operating the Pro Bono Center's service exchange, the Pro Bono Center plans to help lawyers work on public interest matters with one another and with the Center's other participants, which may eventually include law school clinics, bar associations, foundations, and corporations. The Center will facilitate online collaboration between volunteers and public interest firms through information sharing and other services. Ultimately, the Center will help create a flourishing community of conservative and libertarian lawyers that encourages and enhances pro bono service through online interactive media, reference tools, news resources and public recognition for outstanding individuals and organizations. Although it operates the Center, The Federalist Society itself will not undertake any litigation, advocacy or other pro bono activity.

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